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My Cases: Election Contests and Pre-election Challenges

In re the Contest of Mattie Childress, before the State Democratic Executive Committee (2006) represented Patricia Todd in her successful defense of a victory at the polls; Childress claimed that Todd had violated an SDEC rule that had been applied to no one since 1988

Wells v. Ellis, 551 So.2d 382 (Ala 1989) -- successfully defended election contest; appeal turned on issue of proper absentee ballots

Turner v. Poland, 544 So.2d 931 (Ala 1989) -- successfully prosecuted election contest and defended it on appeal

Harris v. Weatherford, 459 So.2d 876 (Ala 1984) -- successfully represented parties seeking to keep candidate off the ballot for failure to qualify properly

Godfrey v. Oswalt, 428 So.2d 40 (Ala 1983) -- election contest, represented amicus curiae in support of eventually successful candidate

Bostwick v. Harris, 421 So.2d 492 (Ala 1982) -- successfully represented parties seeking to keep candidate off the ballot for failure to qualify properly

In re the Contest of William J. Baxley, before the State Democratic Executive Committee, August 1986 -- one of two lead attorneys for successful contestant of gubernatorial primary election based on illegal votes received by putative winner from Republican crossover voters

Ex parte Baxley, 494 So.2d 30 (Ala 1986) -- action defending subpoena power of the State Democratic Executive Committee in an election contest

Ex parte Baxley, 496 So.2d 688 (Ala 1986) -- mandamus action resulting in ruling clarifying right of State Democratic Executive Committee to hear contest of Baxley

Ex parte Graddick, 495 So.2d 1367 (Ala 1986) -- successfully defended action by loser of contest attacking type of evidence heard by the State Executive Committee

Curry v. Baker, 802 F.2d 1302 (11th Cir. 1986), stay denied 479 US ___, 93 L.Ed.2d 1 (1986) (Powell, J., in chambers) -- another action by contest loser attacking the evidence heard by the State Democratic Executive Committee on the grounds of denial of due process

Knight v. Gray, 420 So.2d 247 (Ala 1982) -- political party has authority to hear pre-primary challenges to its candidates' qualifications and may interpret state constitutional requirements for its candidates in any reasonable way

Gartrell v. Knight, 546 F.Supp. 449 (N.D. Ala. 1982) -- defense of Democratic Party candidate loyalty rule (case later dismissed as moot)

White v. Knight, 424 So.2d 566 (Ala 1982) -- three-year residency requirement for State Legislature candidates is constitutional and requires three years of continuous residence before election

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